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Mamboberry HD DAC product. The audiophile dac for Raspberry Pi boards.

Mamboberry HD DAC+ v2

Our flagship product. Top quality sound can only produced if you have top quality electronic parts and unique board design. Mamboberry HD DAC+ have them all!
Top Product
Mambo Media player product. Network streamer

Mambo Media Player

A music streamer with our unique products pre-configured and ready to play your music files. A beautiful case for Mamboberry HD DAC+ :) Plug 'n play, do not hesitate!
Media Player
Choose wisely and you 'll never regret it
Collybia Team

Collybia Linear Power supply

With the 3A Ultra Low noise TI LDO chip and with ELNA Audio caps, what more do you want for a clean power source? Huge difference in sound spectrum, bigger stage, rich bass and wonderful high's!
Power supply
Media Player and a Power supply Bundle with 10% discount

Bundle packages

Do you want a discount? Choose your bundle and you will have two products with 10% discount! No excuses anymore :)


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