Collybia Linear Power supply

An audiophile power supply

With an audiophile dac-hat you ‘ll need an audiophile power supply.

When we talk about audiophile power supply, we mean a Linear Ultra Low Noise power supply.

Electronic Parts


Eight 470uF ELNA capacitors from it’s audio series SILMIC II

ELNA Silmic II are among the best audio capacitors in the audio market.

ELNA developed new raw material for the separate paper which use a silk fibers. Therefore, this capacitor can give you high grade sound for your audio design.

  • Due to the silk fiber’s pliability, the capacitor makes a dream of the high quality sound.
  • To relieve the music’s vibration energy.
  • To decrease the peak feeling sound at high compass and rough quality sound at middle compass.
  • To increase massive sound at low compass.

Texas Instrument LDO

One LDO with 3A capability and 7.7 μVRMS noise at 5V. A brilliant and new LDO from Texas Instruments.


The TPS7A84 is a low-noise (4.4 μVRMS) LDO

  • Low Dropout: 180 mV (max) at 3 A linear regulator (LDO) capable of sourcing 3 A with 1% (max) Accuracy and only 180 mV of maximum dropout.
  • The combination of  low-noise 7.7 μVRMS at 5.0-V Output PSRR, and high output current capability makes the TPS7A84 ideal to power noise-sensitive components
  • The high performance of the TPS7A84 limits power-supply generated phase noise and clock jitter, making this device ideal for powering high performance, analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), digital-to-analog– converters (DACs)

Toroidal PCB Transformer

High quality PCB toroidal transformer from TALEMA Co.


  • Dual 115V or 220V, 50/60 Hz Primaries for parallel or series connections
  • Lower stray field
  • High efficiency
  • Reduced standby current
  • Small size and low weight
  • Extremely low level of radiated magnetic field
  • Very low induced noise (hum)
  • Very low iron loss

Included Parts

  • A micro-usb adapter (Rpi jack) to an 2.1mm x 5.5mm dc jack(for Mamboberry HD DAC+ dc input)
  • USB cable (0.5cm-1m)
  • Silicone foot pads

Non-Included Parts

  • A power cable (typical power cable. ex. PC power cable)
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