RT Kernel (v.1.1.0)
CoverGrid (v.1.1.0)
CoverGrid (v.1.1.0)
Collybia OS Packages


An MPD client from JCorporation, as a front end.

A work of Art! Thank you JC.



The main reason for an Audiophile OS. The awesome MPD. We include the minimal edition from Archphile discontinued edition. We maintain it. Thank you Max and Tuxx.


Do you have a weird music file and you do not know what format is it? no problem FFMPEG is here.

Spotify Connect

Do you have a Premium membership of Spotify? Enable it and search for Collybia client to your Spotify app. That's it!


Tidal and Qobuz ready. Enable them and give your Username and password. Thank you UpMpdCli for the awesome work.

Roon Bridge

Roon ready thanks to Roon Bridge package from Roon! Thank you.

Collybia OS - NEWS

Version (v.1.2.0) is online!

Version (v.1.2.0) features:

  • New version of myMPD (v6.2.2)
  • New version of libmpdclient (v2.19)
  • New version of MPD (v0.21.20) SACD.
  • Update Collybia OS
  • Bug fixes
  • Aarch64 for RPi4
  • Optimizations for RPi3
  • Bug Fixes
  • Add “Hardware” mode for Mixer type


  • 27/11/2019 – v.1.0.0 – Initial Release
  • 02/12/2019 – v.1.0.1 – Fix: Booting issues(Rpi3/B+)
  • 30/01/2020 – v1.1.0
  • 29/03/2020 – v1.2.0


Collybia OS Beta Release v1.0.0

A long time ago, we had a thought… Give a user friendly audio program to the world that trusted us but also to anyone who wants to have a light and audiophile program.
The first hit was the Archphile by Tuxx, from which we took the foundation to build Collybia OS.
Archphile(discontinued) was an audiophile OS, which combined many packages together and gave the end user a functional, very stable, very lightweight and excellent sounding program.
But it lacked the aesthetic and user-friendly environment.

So here comes the “sun”

A client called myMPD from JCorporation which he constantly update it with new goodies…:)
So all we did was combine all the above. We did a little bit of coding just to give it a “tone” of user-friendliness and give it to you all.

After all we’re talking about Open Source programs and it’s something we believe in it very much at Collybia.

So enjoy it and we promise we will keep update it.

After all the music is all it matters! 🙂

PS. Tomorrow we will upload the Rpi4 image!

Special a lot of “thank you”, to Tuxx, JC and all the guys/girls out there who share their passion and love with all of us.

Download the zip image file we provide. Unzip it and “burn” it with Win32DiskImager 

Connect your Rpi only with Ethernet cable and enjoy the music.

That’s it (for now)…