Mamboberry HD DAC+ is a slave or a master DAC ?

Mamboberry HD DAC+(and all Mamboberry DAC’s) is a “slave” dac.

Let us explain some things(as simplest as we can):

The Pi is sending BCLK and LRCK to Sabre DAC chip(HiFi/LS/HD) DAC+ as well as DATA. HD DAC+ will receive(input) the i2s signal from RPi, then re-clocking it with its own local oscillator(clock) and will give it clean to our sound system.

SABRE dac chips(9023p in our case) have a low noise technology in the the dac chip called, Time Domain Jitter Eliminator“. So, after re-clocking stage (look above) the audio signal will feed the dac-chip(9023p).

So in our DAC’s we provide high quality electronic parts(low-noise and Ultra low noise resistors, capacitors, etc..) from very respected audio Brands like, ELNA, Nichicon, SABRE, IDT, Crystek, WIMA, etc… and we achieve to eliminate the jitter from the audio signal(sabre dac chip and a low noise or Ultra low noise oscillators). In combination with ultra low noise resistors and design, we eliminate the noise to the power rail, too.

We believe that SABRE dac-chip in combination with a low noise oscillator and special pcb design is the perfect match for the best audiophile dac-hat on the market.

Take under consideration that with SABRE and Crystek(Ultra low-noise) as an oscillator, you do not need any reclocker. No harm if you have it, although 🙂