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access point mode

I always use natural sound quality Collybia OS. By the way, I want to use this OS in a place without WiFi, but are there any plans to add access point mode (Hot Spot) in future updete?
I look forward to future development.
Thank you. (Please forgive me for typographical errors and omissions)

Let me see what i can do jazztmyo! I like the idea.

Thank you for your reply.
For the time being, I tried it while looking at the Archlinux manual such as create_ap, but I could not install it. (For linux, I only have knowledge of copy-paste)

Oh yes. I found it yesterday while i was searching for software about AP.

I think it is perfect for AP Mode

I will include it to the next release in a few days from now 🙂

Thank you jazztmyo.

Thank you for your reply. I can't do anything myself, so I'm looking forward to it.

Collybia OS v1.5.0
AP access mode was immediately connected.
Now you can comfortably enjoy the realistic sound of Collybia OS.
Thank you admin.