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Collybia OS v2.0.0

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In download section still ver. 1.6

We are working on WiFi feature...

Estimated time: This weekend

szczemirek has reacted to this post.

I am looking forward to it !

Tomorrow we will release the new version.

Was hard to follow all these changes with mpd-sacd and Wifi implementation.

Hope everything will be okay!

Nasty bug in netctl keep us a little back.

We hope we can release it tomorrow 🙁

Sorry for this.

Please try the new release and any feedback is welcome.

Some features are in alpha-stage...

Enjoy it!

The sound quality and resolution have improved, and the enjoyment of listening to music has increased. Thank you for your hard work. It's amazing. (I'm sorry if there are any typographical errors or omissions)


since version 2.00 i ve got a great problem now. when i launch a song or album the sound stopped a few seconds after... When i change a track the player seems running but no sound....... I m using a allo usbridge sig with a usb dac audio gd d77.... With the older version no problem.... It s a pitty because the little time when i can listen music the sound is great.... Is there an issue ? Thank you.

Thank you for the feedback.

@Henri can you check without the usb bridge?


i don t understand

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