Guide: How to setup the Mamboberry HiFi DAC+…

First of all lets make it clear about the little jumper (Red one at the picture), on Mamboberry HiFi DAC+.

You can power up the Raspberry Pi and Mamboberry HiFi DAC+ with THREE options!

  1. Put the USB power adapter(5V) to the Raspberry Pi(B+/A+ – Pi2/Zero) and the Raspberry will power on the Mamboberry HiFi DAC+(not recommended).
  2. REMOVE(SOS) the jumper(see image below) from Mamboberry HiFI DAC+. Plug in the external power supply to Mamboberry HiFi DAC+(AC 6V 2A or DC 9V 2A). Plug in the USB power adapter to Raspberry Pi. This way you can have more power than 1A that Mamboberry HiFI DAC+ could provide to Raspberry Pi(good for OPENELEC app).
  3. Leave the jumper ON the Mamboberry HiFi DAC+ and plug in ONLY the external power supply to Mamboberry HiFi DAC+(AC 6V 2A or DC 9V 2A).




Another issue and as we understand it is not very clear is…

“Why do I have to put an external power supply to Mamboberry Hifi DAC+ ?”

The USB power supply of Raspberry Pi(all versions) produce “noise”(jitter) and we do not want it.

We want pure, clean power to our DAC, to eliminate this. Pure power means, less noise(jitter) and clearer, more “detailed” sound. Huge difference at the full spectrum of sound field!

So you want something like that….

something like that…









An 6-7V(most common is at 6.3V) 2A AC! linear power transformer.


An 9V(not higher!) 2A DC linear power adapter.


What next?

Next is the software…

We have a plethora of software out there.






We are going to talk about the Runeaudio, Archphile and Moode.

Runeaudio setup…

You must download a special (beta yet) edition for Raspberry Pi 2(for older versions of Raspberry the setup it is the same with others…).

Here is the image you must burn (with Win32 disk Imager (on Windows))…

Once you put your “burned” sd card back to Raspberry Pi 2 and you have the interface up, you must connect to your Raspberry with SSH(Putty for Windows, ssh [email protected]… command to Terminal in Mac).

Then you must login..


Username: root

Password: rune

Voila!! You are in!

Next you must select I2S module. For that you have to edit /boot/config.txt

So you must type…

nano /boot/config.txt

and then you must uncomment the first line to enable the audio interface…

Next you must press Ctrl+O and Ctrl+X to exit.

Then write reboot.

That’s all!!

If you run any other music player software(Volumio for example), except Archphile or MoOde, you must always choose the Hifiberry driver. Be careful, not the Hifiberry plus(+), the simple one.

From the settings page at Archphile OR MoOde player, you should simply choose from the list of DAC’s, the Mamboberry HiFi DAC+.

That’s it!



From Collybia Co. Team, thank you all for the overwhelming reviews about our Mamboberry HiFi DAC+ and be sure, we will continue to support and expand it. 🙂

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  1. alvaro.oliver

    Is this guide valid for the new model LS DAC+???
    Does LS version still using HiFiberry non-Plus driver?

    1. admin


      Oh yes, LS DAC+ uses the same driver!
      If you have any problem let us know 🙂



  2. nk

    Good Morning, the images seem to be broken… please fix!
    Can you also add a Volumio guide for the new player?

    1. admin

      We are making a new guide for Volumio. We are stayed back for this, because Volumio is new and the changes are a lot.

      Sorry for the image!

      Thank you for your comment 🙂

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