Guide: Listen YouTube music from your Raspberry Pi!!

Play music from YouTube on your Raspberry Media player!!

First of all you must download:

BubbleUpNp for your Android device(Tablet, mobile, etc)

Power up your Raspberry Pi with your favorite DAC on it (like Mamboberry HD DAC+ v2) and enable DLNA/UPNP to the Settings of your favorite music software player (Moode, Volumio, etc)…

To do this on Moode player, you must go to:

Configure -> System -> and enable(SET) UPnP renderer(see image below). You need to reboot Moode after that, to enable the setting.


In Volumio 2 UPNP is enabled by default. You do not have to do anything! 🙂

Νext you have to open BubbleUpNp to your Android device and choose Renderer option(see image)


Then you will see the Moode(or Volumio) Upnp renderer in the list. Choose it.


After that you should open Youtube app on your Android device and touch the little “share” arrow on the top of the app(see image)


After that you will see a list with a lot of “destinations” for your shared video… You should choose the BubbleUPNP app from the list.


That’s all!! Not very difficult, huh?

Enjoy your music from YouTube app to your favorite audio device, the Raspberry Pi, with your favorite DAC!!

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