Mambo Media Player

An audio media player as a streamer in a small and economic range. Only 10 cm x 10cm x 8cm its ext. dimensions, this media player can fit everywhere.

Pre-configured OS of your choice:

  • Volumio 2
  • Moode
  • Archphile
  • Max2Play

Connect media steamer to your router (through ethernet or WiFi connection) and you are ready !

Mambo Media player from inside:

Included Parts

  • Mamboberry HD DAC+ (both clock versions available)
  • IR Remote control (1m working distance)
  • IR module with two operating LED lights for Power and Play indications
  • Shutdown button is pre-configured to shutdown your OS and cannot power up Raspberry Pi board.
  • 16GB SD-card with the pre-configured OS of your choice. Class 10


  • Raspberry Pi. If you want we can put the raspberry pi 3+ (not compatible with raspberry pi 4).
  • LCD 16×2 display music player indications (running play time, artist, etc..)