MamboBerry HD DAC+ is available at Max2Play eShop, from NOW!

We are very happy to announce our newest addition to the Max2Play sound card selection. Collybia’s flagship sound card, the MamboBerry HD DAC+ comes in two different varieties to accommodate any specific needs in the audiophile market.

One utilizes the ultra-low jitter Clock by IDT and the other one was outfitted with the hi-end clock module CH-957 by Crystek.

These two newly designed models, made by the Greek manufacturer Collybia, offer huge local filter capacitors from NICHICON (330 μF in Crystek-Version and 220 μF in IDT-Version for each capacitor), power filtering from three stages with a new ultra low noise LDO by Texas Instruments, WIMA plastic film and ELNA audiophile bypass capacitors, as well as SUSUMU SMD resistors. 

The creator of the DACs, Vasilis Tounas, is a renowned sound technician and design engineer whose participation in high-end sound components for over fifteen years brings professional expertise to the HD DAC+ models‘ conception and design.

Here are the two variants side by side with their respective components explained:

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Thank you to Max2Play Team!

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