Mamboberry HD DAC+ v2

Mamboberry HD DAC+ photo of Collybia dac-hat for Raspberry Pi boards

Our goal was to produce an audiophile dac-hat for Rpi market. As you already probably understand, by working on a small area (pcb board) we have limits. To overcome these limits we had to put the highest quality electronic parts and make an efficient electronic pcb design.

Let’s see what parts we have chosen to make Mamboberry HD DAC+ v2 an audiophile dac-hat for the Rpi market.

Electronic Parts


Mamboberry HD DAC+ v2 include new capacitors !

ELNA Silmic II are among the best audio capacitors in the audio market.

In addition we made a change in capacity from 330uF to 470uF.

ELNA manage to use a new raw material – “Silk Fibers”:

  • To relieve the music’s vibration energy.
  • To decrease the peak feeling sound at high compass and rough quality sound at middle compass.
  • To increase massive sound at low compass.
  • Due to the silk fiber’s pliability, the capacitor result in a high quality sound.

Texas Instruments LDO

Design is fundamental and most crucial stage for a good dac. On this small pcb board area we have to do anything possible, to eliminate the noise in the power spectrum. And Rpi has a lot of “noise” (jitter).

Collybia Team put two “clean power stages”, to eliminate the power noise with two supremacy electronic parts.

  • First power cleaning stage is achieved with LP5907 from Texas Instruments with the amazing low Output Voltage Noise: < 6.5 μVRMS

…next “cleaning” step is done with our special choice:

  • TPS7A8701 with Ultra Low Output Noise: 3.8 μVRMS

With this technique we achieved to make it as silent as possible 🙂

...and the rest but not least...

electronic components image

We use:

  • Film resistors. Film resistors are the best resistors for audio quality. We use resistors with 0.5% Tolerance, and our favorite ones are from Susumu company.
  • Five ELNA audio capacitors around the dac chip at 4.7uF
  • The wonderful and audiophile WIMA Film capacitors. We use two of them at low pass frequency (the red beauties) for the wonderful bass sound !
  • Gold RCA outputs
  • On-board DC jack to power DAC and through our filtering stages it will provide clean power to Rpi

The heart and soul!

Once you listen to this heart you will never go back!

The famous and truly brilliant 9023p dac chip from the famous SABRE.

Sabre has been on the audio market for a lot of years, therefore has been established as one of the top companies in the audio technology.

Well in our situation our board design around 9023p, is the perfect match for the best audiophile dac-hat in this price range (and not only).

Let’s see the specs of this dac chip:

  • Low noise technology. The famous patented technology  from SABRE the “Domain Jitter Eliminator
  • 192kHz/24bit capability
  • DSD to DxD(PCM) conversion at 384kHz/32bit to enjoy your DSD files

The "soul" of Mamboberry HD DAC+

At Mamboberry HD DAC+ v2 we use the excellent and low noise clock from IDT.

Image IDT audio clock

The brilliant IDT clock from the very well known audio company!


  • Frequency range: 0.016MHz to 1500MHz
  • Output types: LVDS, LVPECL, HCSL, LVCMOS
  • Supply voltage options: 1.8V, 2.5V, or 3.3V
  • Phase jitter (1.875MHz to 20MHz): 100fs typical
  • Phase jitter (12kHz to 20MHz): 300fs typical