Photo with misty Mountains for main header of Collybia dac - Mamboberry Precision dac

Mamboberry Precision DAC+

Mamboberry Precision DAC+ photo by Collybia. Raspberry Pi dac-hat

Collybia Team presents the ultimate new dac-hat for all Raspberry Pi boards.

Mamboberry Precision DAC+

New board design brings:

  • The clock next to dac chip.
  • New power supply from Analog Devices(ADM 7150) with only 1.0 μVRMS of noise. Ultra Low Noise!
  • Six ELNA caps
  • Four film capacitors from WIMA
  • Gold RCA jacks
  • Filter resistors to the output for power on rpi
  • Five ELNA through-hole caps around the dac chip
  • Wirewound resistors for the first time in dac-hat board, to the analog outputs. 0.1% capacitance. Ultra high quality.
  • SUSUMU SMD resistors at i2s line at 0.5%-1% capacitance

Mamboberry Precision DAC+ have only Crystek clock. Mamboberry HD DAC+ v2 will continue with the very good IDT clock.

Let’s bring the “light” back to the road!

Mamboberry Precision DAC+ photo by Collybia. Raspberry Pi dac-hat

New board design

New board design by Vasilis Tounas. New power supply(ADM 7150). New filters at power rail. Extra caps at various board points.


Six! ELNA SILMIC II capacitors. The audiophile series from famous ELNA Co.

New Power supply

A new power supply from the very well-respected Analog Devices company. The ultimate power chip ADM 7150. Only 1.0 μVRMS of noise at the power rail. Amazing indeed.


Only Crystek clock for Mamboberry Precision DAC+ Nothing less.