News: Moode 2.5 Test Release 2 (TR2)

News: Moode 2.5 Test Release 2 (TR2)

Moode 2.5 test release 2 (TR2) is available for download via the TEST CODE button at!!!


2.5 Release 2016-02-DD

New features

- NEW: Hotplug for USB audio and storage devices
- NEW: Caching Library loader with increased capacity for large collections
- NEW: Server generated enhanced metadata for UI, LCD and external applications
- NEW: LCD updater engine for running user defined Python script to update LCD
- NEW: Automatic volume configuration when hardware (ALSA) volume controller exists
- NEW: Smart poweroff and reboot screens with reconnect btn and reboot-ready ticker
- NEW: Library coverart click-menu for add/play Genre, Artist, Album or entire collection
- NEW: Song file "encoded at" bit depth, sample rate and channels displayed on Audio info
- NEW: Allow-hotplug eth0 interface for faster boot on Wifi
- NEW: command line interface (CLI) for volume knob and mute
- NEW: Web interface for volume and mute via http://moode/command? <arg>
- NEW: Customize setting to display extra metadata (Track x/y, Year, Composer)
- NEW: Customize setting to resume Moode playback after Airplay session ends
- NEW: Moode application programming interface (API) guide


- NEW: Eldoradio ( 256K stream
- NEW: KCMP 89.3 FM - The Current
- NEW: MPR - Minnesota Public Radio
- NEW: SomaFM - Logo for DEF CON Radio
- NEW: SomaFM - Metal Detector - From black to doom, prog to sludge, thrash to post, stoner to crossover, punk to industrial.

Thank you Tim, once again…!!

Full Release Notes…

Go to MoodeAudio website and download TR2 NOW…

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