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Moode Audio Player release 2.7 is available for download at 🙂

This release includes a new in-place software updater, Crossfeed DSP for headphone listening, support for Meridian Explorer 2 and MQA format, a universal rotary encoder driver that updates Moode volume knob and supports both hardware and software volume, some really great commercial-free, listener-supported radio stations, support for exciting new I2S audio devices, and numerous important updates and bug fixes.

Please read the attached Release Notes and view the Setup Guide at for more information.


Tim Curtis

2.7 Release 2016-08-28

New features

– NEW: In-place software updater
– NEW: Crossfeed DSP for headphone listening
– NEW: Support Meridian Explorer 2 and MQA
– NEW: Cache PHP session data using memcache
– NEW: script for reboot/poweroff
– NEW: Setting to turn off Pi-3 WiFi/BT adapter
– NEW: Sys config settings for kbd and layout
– NEW: Universal rotary encoder driver


– NEW: AddictedToRadio – Quiet Storm
– NEW: Buddah Radio
– NEW: Positivly Baroque
– NEW: Radio FM4
– NEW: Audiophile Lounge
– NEW: Audiophile Rock-Blues
– UPD: Zen FM stream link to mp3
– UPD: Audiophile Baroque stream link
– UPD: Audiophile Classical stream link
– UPD: Audiophile Jazz stream link
– UPD: The Jazz Groove stream link

Audio devices (i2s)

– NEW: Dion Audio LOCO
– NEW: IQaudIO Digi+
– NEW: JustBoom DAC HAT(Zero)
– NEW: JustBoom AMP HAT(Zero)
– NEW: JustBoom Digi HAT(Zero)
– NEW: Mamboberry LS DAC+
– NEW: Red Rocks Audio DigiDAC1


– UPD: Bump to MPD version 0.19.19
– UPD: Bump to Linux kernel 4.4.19
– UPD: Improved watchdog monitoring
– UPD: Change MPD socket connection to use debugLog()
– UPD: Clean up wording on Net config and Restart screens
– UPD: Add 32/176.4, 32/352.8 sample rates to SoX list
– UPD: Bump NGINX fastcgi_read_timeout
– UPD: Use UNIX socket for PHP/NGINX interprocess comms
– UPD: Add update package date to Moode log and About
– UPD: Clean up wording on MPD config screen
– UPD: Add capability to install test updates
– UPD: Add MPD outputs to Moode startup log
– UPD: Add “no setup” to resp check in parseHwParams
– UPD: Breakout airplay volume array for debug log
– UPD: Bump PHP FPM max_execution_time to 180 secs
– UPD: Get ALSA mixer name dynamically
– UPD: Add vol.php to command/index.php
– UPD: Add hover help to coverart links
– UPD: Bump wait time for eth0 check during startup
– UPD: Add mpd state to currentsong.txt
– UPD: Add ext3 file system to udisks-glue config
– UPD: Leave volume knob enabled when rotary encoder
– UPD: Clean up some syntax
– UPD: Add Generic-1 I2S (hifiberry-dac)
– UPD: Add Generic-2 I2S (rpi-dac)
– UPD: Contribs

Bug fixes

– FIX: Remove circular symlinks for SDCARD and NAS
– FIX: Playback panel toolbar not visible on iPad Mini
– FIX: DHCP addr being assigned when eth0 set to static addr
– FIX: Fail to get cover art embedded in AIFF format
– FIX: Wrong encodedAT rate displayed for UPnP files
– FIX: Null printed in Moode log for USB sources
– FIX: Wrong indextpl.html cp file in 2016-07-10 update
– FIX: Audioinfo volume “disabled” not being displayed
– FIX: ALSA mixer names with embedded spaces not parsed
– FIX: Airplay not working over AP mode

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