News: MPD flavors in next Archphile images

News: MPD flavors in next Archphile images

Hi all,

I am very happy to announce that the next archphile images are very close to be released. In this post I will present you all the different MPD packages that this release will include:


  • Standard MPD package (mpd-archphile)

This is the standard MPD package. It includes support for the majority of well known formats (including alac, ape etc.) and options and it’s suitable for the majority of the users.


  • MPD package with a minimalistic approach (mpd-archphile-minimal)

This package is what I use for my own needs. It has many of options disabled (ffmpeg, avahi, etc.) and it supports a very basic set of files (flac, mp3, ogg, aac, wav, dsf, dff).


  • MPD package with native DSD support (mpd-archphile-native-dsd)

The difference with the above package, is that it includes the lintweaker patch that enables native DSD support for various USB receivers.


  • MPD fork package with SACD ISO playback support (mpd-archphile-sacd)

This package is a fork of MPD by Maxim V. Anisiutkin that includes SACD ISO playback support. It’s not based on the same code as the above packages and it’s highly experimental. However many archphile users report that it’s stable enough for everyday use.


So why focusing so much in DSD capability?

I will be very honest with you stating that I don’t like DSD. To be more specific, it’s not that I don’t like it, but I really don’t care. Over 99% of the music I have is 16/44.1 PCM, which sounds great to my ears.

All the available SACD titles are very limited to specific audience listening to classical, jazz and classic rock recordings from the past. So even if  it sounds better or if it’s a better technology (I am not really sure about it for both of them..) it’s not for me as most of the music genres I am interested in are released in PCM format.

However, I really like to experiment and in addition I want to give Archphile users the option to test and decide themselves. Creating the packages above was easy for me and this is the reason that I am offering these two DSD specific packages based on the wonderful work of Maxim and lintweaker.




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