Mambo Media HiFi Player(kit)


Mambo Media HiFi Player(kit)


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We are very happy to announce the Mambo Media Player! 🙂

We have already include Mamboberry HD DAC+ and all the necessary accessories you’ll need for a high quality and user friendly, HiFi Media Player with a lot of optional elements to make it match your criteria.

You will need only a power supply(look at Mambo PSU for the optimal sound quality).

It is a beautiful box-case and we are very happy(and lucky) that we have found it!!! Thank you Nuxxi 🙂

You do not have to worry about the OS. You will choose it from the list and we will install it for you, with all the necessary additives that needed to be installed.

Mambo Media Player is an add on to Collybia DAC (Mamboberry HD DAC+). We had a lot of emails from people asking if we have a case for Mamboberry HD DAC+.

Raspberry Pi is necessary for Mambo Media Player to work.

P.S Dispatch time estimated at 3-4 days from ordering…


Side note: Power button is a simple Reset switch. You simply push the Reset button and after few seconds the OS will shutdown safely 🙂

Then you must unplug or switch off your power supply!




Additional information

Weight 0.771 kg

Mamboberry HD DAC+, MB HD DAC+(with Crystek clk)

MPD Client

Archphile, Max2Play, MoOde, Volumio 2

LCD 16x2 i2c Display

I Want One, No i am ok

Raspberry Pi 3

NO(i already own one), YES(to be included)


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