Mamboberry HD DAC+ v2 (192kHz/24bit)


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  • New clock from IDT or a standard Crystek edition. Yes, a massive improvement in sound quality!
  • New design in power rail. More sophisticated design, new electronic parts, ultra low noise approach from our sound engineer Vasilis Tounas.
  • Same high quality dac chip. Sabre 9023p. We have tried a lot of others. Nothing like this, in this price range.
  • ELNA 470uF capacitors from their audio hi-end series, “SILMIK II” edition.
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Efficient board design and top quality parts. This is the “magic” recipe of Mamboberry HD DAC+ v2 and all the Mambo series by Collybia.

ELNA local filter capacitors from it’s audio hi-end series “SILMIK II” at 100-220uF capacity.

Ultra low noise 3.8μV power supply from Texas Instruments (TPS7A8701)

Ultra Low Noise (jitter) Clock:

  •     – IDT(Low noise clock) or Crystek clock

WIMA plastic film capacitors at low pass path

Five ELNA/NICHICON audiophile capacitors  around the dac chip

SUSUMU SMD resistors at i2s line at 0.5%-1% capacitance

More details at Mamboberry HD DAC+ v2 page:


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