Precision Bundle (Precision DAC + Mambo PSU)


Mamboberry Precision DAC+ (192kHz/24bit)

  • Only Crystek edition for Mamboberry Presicion DAC+!
  • New board design. Ultra low noise parts.
  • Same high quality dac chip. Sabre 9023p.
  • ELNA 100uF-220uF capacitors from their audio hi-end series, “SILMIK II” edition.
  • Analog Devices ADM 7150 power supply chip with only 1μV noise. Ultra low noise.
  • WIMA capacitors in various places on board.

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Collybia Power Supply for Raspberry Pi boards


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Buy one Precision DAC+ and one Mambo Power supply and you ‘ll get a total 10% discount.

What are you waiting for?

The best dac in Raspberry Pi dac-hat market and a revolutionary linear power supply with the new, cutting-edge technology LDO, special designed for Low Noise results and 8 x ELNA SILMIK II 470uF capacitors, in one package! 🙂

“You need it. We create it!”


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