News: The RC1 of Volumio 2 is out…!

Hi everyone!! Finally we are there! The RC1 of Volumio 2 is out. This is what has changed from latest beta:

– Raspberry PI 3 with integrated Wireless card support
– I2S DACs for Raspberry PI now working and selectable from UI
– Audio Output Device selection with friendly names
– Mixer Device selection for Hardware Volume Control
– Volume mixer working for USB and I2S devices
– Implemented Max Volume Level Selection
– Implemented selector for Natural (logarithmic) or Linear Volume curve mode
– Improved rendering speed of UI on browsing, particularly on mobile devices
– Better resolution for Albumart
– Added swipe gestures on mobile UI (swipe left and right to change tab view)
– Sleep Function (turn off Volumio after certain time)
– Alarm Clock (Play playlist at certain times)





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  1. Brendan

    For others seeing this, I just tested it with Rpi2 / Mamboberry DAC and couldn’t get it to recognise the DAC at all. So no point yet.

    1. admin

      Hello Brendan.

      Volumio 2 is at RC1 for the time being and Collybia Team already spoke with Volumio guys about Mamboberry HiFi DAC+ addition to the next Release and it will be included!

      If you want to test it with RC1 the only thing to do is to login to your Raspberry(through SSH) and type this:

      nano /boot/config.txt

      then search for the line:


      then uncomment it(remove the # from the beginning).

      After that press:

      Ctrl+X then press Y and Enter after that.

      Reboot your Raspberry and you are ready!

      Thank you for your comment.

      Collybia Team.

      1. Ed

        This did not work. In the settings page, in the dropdown for Output Device it reads “VALUE NOT FOUND BETWEEN SELECT OPTIONS!” and when I try to play content I get several notifications saying “Error – Failed to open audio output”

        1. admin


          You are right. I didn’t have a Volumio when i post and my memory is faulting.

          When Volumio 2 open up, you must go to “Playback Options”. There enable the i2s DAC switch and nothing else. Restart.

          Then connect through SSH(or with Winscp) and change this line from /boot/config.txt :

          to this:


          Reboot your Volumio 2 player.

          You are done!

          PS. To login to Volumio 2 you must use these credentials:

          Username: volumio
          Password: volumio

          Thank you.

          1. Ed

            This worked! A little disappointed in myself for not thinking of that myself… doh. No matter, juicy tunes are now mine! Thanks! 🙂

          2. admin

            You are welcome!!!

  2. Brendan

    Thanks guys, I don’t find it possible to have nothing selected, does this have to be done on first install/boot.
    In any case for me all my media is on NFS, and RC1 doesn’t seem to support NFS yet, so I’m out of luck.

    1. admin

      Hi Brendan,

      1. Take a look at your /boot/config.txt and tell us what it has in it.
      2. Look at /data/configuration/system_controller/networkfs/config.json and also look if everything is ok(fstype,user,pass, etc..). Remember that the path at NAS is case sensitive.
      3. Tell us what version of Volumio you use.


  3. Brendan

    I don’t see my original post sorry, so replying here.

    I am able to add an NFS mount manually, as for …
    # cat /data/configuration/system_controller/networkfs/config.json
    “NasMounts”: {}

    $ cat /boot/config.txt
    initramfs volumio.initrd

    $ uname -a
    Linux volumio 4.1.19-v7+ #851 SMP Sat Mar 5 22:58:42 GMT 2016 armv7l GNU/Linux

    1. admin

      Brendan your config.txt is all right.
      The “Playback options” it looks like this? (see the i2s switch)

      Volumio settings

      As for NAS i do not see anything mounted there. Do you use the “Advanced Options” at Volumio mount settings?

      PS. Everybody please reset your cache at your browser… 🙂

      1. admin

        Also for everybody:

        Do not use “space” character at your path:

        for example:

        // music

        you should do it:

        // or //


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