Review: New soundcheck at Hamburg. Mamboberry HD DAC+ at 2nd place!

Dear music lovers

we had the soundcheck yesterday.
It’s always a pleasure for me to share a moment with other music/electronics technician enthusiast.
Thank you very much for coming. We were five and had a relaxed evening together

I had trouble with my 16 port audio switch (making noise) so i used again the 5 line ports of my amp.

The special of this Soundcheck was, that Michelangelo was so kind to sent us two brand new volumio devices, a prototype of a ESS9028 DAC called ‘PRIMO’, and Tinkerbell S pocket device named ‘Minuetto’.
I was so curious how it would sound. Thank you so much Michelangelo!

I put these devices in a king class group (all in) :
TERRATECHNOS – Terra-BerryDAC 2 ( with Switch 1 and 2 off ) (v.2.413)
mamboberry HD+ DAC with Crystek Clock and allo kali reclocker (v.2.413)
pi2design 502DAC PRO (v.2.146 with Hifiberry DIGI+ PRO driver)
allo Piano 2.1 with Kali in dual mono and 32bit target upsampling. (v.2.413)
volumio Primo(v.2.418) and RPI3p

Of course, we did a blind test.
We especially noticed two devices, one with a confusing high field and less bass, another one with remarkable more details and slightly emphasized bass, a third board was noticed as especially ‘friendly’- detailed and well balanced.
No question, the other two boards where great too, but not that spectacular.
So, the secret was, that the primo was our no.1. the mambo on place 2.. place 3 for piano and 502dacpro.

Then, how would be the primo compared to the other great boards:
mamboberry HD+ DAC with IDT Clock (v.2.413)
allo BOSS v. 1.2 (v.2.413)
odroid c2 & hifi shield 2 (v.2.411)
IQaudio DAC pro (v.2.413)
volumio Primo (v.2.413) and RPI3p

We did it again as a blind test. To our surprise, we found the same dac’s as best.


Full review here:

Thank you again Jens! 🙂

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