REVIEW: Soundcheck in Hamburg is finished. Guess who won… :)

My friends, we came together and let me say it’s always a view for a moment.

i was really happy that we had the chance to compare 5 power supply’s.

1. original raspberry 5V 2,5A PSU (~13€)
2. allo 5V 3A PSU (~13€)
3. ifi iPower 5V 2,5A (~50€)
4. allo dual psu (5V & ~19V) (~100€)
5 collybia mambo (5V 2A-3A) (~139€)

the allo dual comes in a pretty acrylic case, similar to there other cases, just bigger and DC connector, adapter.
for me a perfect combo for the boss&volt setup. (pic follows)

the mambo comes in a stable alu case, USB connector, switch and adapter.
and thank you collybia team, for shipping us your new product and be the first to examine it ! :D

So, see my setup above. 5x Rpi & Mamboberry LS DAC, 100h burned,
same cable,
Marantz PM6003 amplifier, 4x ELAC FS 78 loudspeaker.

We where overwhelmed. The distances were to small for us. i would say, for most people no difference. But maybe most people are not audiophile :D … so in conclusion:

for better equipment and/or more sensitive people it makes sense to elimate power noise.
(i will do another test in the morning when ears are more relaxed, just with 2 friends and the elac element ea101eq-g amp.)
… stay tuned

We also compared 5 I2S Boards.

Again, i have to say. All boards are really on a high level, but here, differences are much clearer than the psu comparing.
It’s like hear a taste.

we had
Raspberry Pi 3 & Allo Kali Reclocker & Mamboberry LS DAC +
Raspberry Pi 3 & Allo Kali Reclocker & Allo Piano DAC 2.1 (dual mono)
Raspberry Pi 3& Allo Boss DAC
Raspberry Pi zero w & Allo mini Boss DAC
Raspberry Pi 3 & IQaudIO Pi-DAC PRO

to my surprise, this time we voted the mambo&kali for first place(!) (‘natural&magic’) followed by the IQaudIO Pi-DAC PRO ‘brighter, well balanced’)
The allo boards where on place three.

isn’t it confusing? :) but may not. we are human. and it’s a come together with always different people…
next soundcheck will be in december. you are invited to follow this quest.

Volumio 2.246 was used, 100% volume.
David Bowie – Cat People (Putting Out Fire 1982) FLAC {24bit-96kHz}
The Hilary Hahn Encores – In 27 Pieces CD1 – Bates: Ford’s Farm FLAC {16bit-44kHz}

Allo dual psu and mambo power supply


ears are needed


PS. We want to thank Jens and Kompage again for their support and honor to include LS DAC+ to their soundcheck! Thank Jens and keep up your musical trip to audio!

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