NEWS: A Soundcheck from with Mamboberry LS DAC+ and Volumio – No2!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

so, this is the announcement for the next soundcheck in Hamburg, Germany on June 8. 8pm

I’m proud that we could compare these volumio setups at a very nice location:

1. Raspberry Pi & Mamboberry LS DAC+
2. Raspberry Pi & Mamboberry LS DAC+ & Allo Kali Reclocker
3. Raspberry Pi & & Allo Piano DAC
4. Raspberry Pi & & Allo Boss DAC
5. Raspberry Pi & Allo Kali Reclocker & Allo Piano DAC 2.1
6. Odroid C1+ mit Hifi-Shield Soundkarte
7. Odroid C2 mit Hifi-Shield 2 Soundkarte
8. Raspberry Pi & DIAL-DAC
9. Raspberry Pi & JustBoom DAC HAT
10. Raspberry Pi & IQaudIO Pi-DAC+

I will play 2 times 5 configuration switching every ~15 seconds to the next as a blind test.
More info here in German :

UPDATE: The soundcheck will take place at 22/06, due to a technical problem.

PS. We would like to thank once again, our reseller and friend of Collybia Team, Kompage Co and especially Jens, for his efforts and these wonderful soundcheck experiences 🙂

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