A “soundcheck” project in Hamburg.

Mamboberry LS DAC+ at Hamburg soundcheck project!

We are very happy to hear that a young man and enthusiast member of audiophile community, demonstrate in a soundcheck project, Mamboberry LS DAC+ “face to face” with other dac’s of the dac-hut market.

We really like the competition, and in our opinion we think, it makes everyone better and keep the sound in high quality standards, if you actually love what you are doing.

In Collybia Team we believe that “the clothes do not make the “dac”. The good pcb board designing and the choice of the electronic parts, make the difference.

From our website/eshop we would like to congratulate Jens for his efforts to prepare and accomplish this audio project and share his love for HQ sound with other people.

Thank you Jens. We are really appreciate it!

Press here to read it in English

Press here to read it in German

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