SOUNDCHECK: Soundcheck in Hamburg!

Thank you to Judydudi one more time for his soundcheck! We are proud for our products 🙂 and proud to see that people like them so much.

Keep up!

Hey music lovers

yeah, we did the soundcheck yesterday. :slight_smile:

10 listeners aged from 17 to 78 did find the way to this unique volumio soundcheck.

Some of them were at soundcheck before. So we could say that all devices are more close to each other.

You can’t go really wrong with one of these devies! Each device does have a special purpose.

nanosound dac for example is very tricky. with this one you can add an OLED and this works like a charme, updates will work, because this is made via plugin… additional amp is also avaible…

Dacberrypro+ does have a dedicated Headpone amp/Jack and primo does have analog and digital output options…

So after hearing the playlist we start the discussion. this is always very interesting.

There was no ‘one’ winner.
We decided to put out the devices wich no one had as number one or two.

So Pecan Pi, Aroio, Mamboberry and evo sabre were votet for final round.
We find , that these were very, very closed to each other.

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